2000+ Young Women Gifted Pearl Necklace ~ Jeweler Honors High School Graduates for Eleventh Year

Silver Linings, a sterling silver and gemstone jewelry store in St. Michaels, Md is celebrating its eleventh anniversary of giving female graduates of Talbot County high schools a strand of freshwater pearls. Through its signature “Pearls of Promise” program, Silver Linings has gifted over 2,000 strands of pearls to Talbot County young women. So that others may celebrate the achievement of graduation with a Pearls of Promise necklace, Silver Linings is now offering this fine piece of jewelry on its website (silverliningsmd.com) while supplies last.
Aida Leisure, a Maryland native and owner of Silver Linings and DBS Fine Jewelers, developed the initiative in 2011 as a way to give back to the community when she noticed an emerging trend in graduation gifts. Traditional gifts of lasting keepsakes were being replaced by tech gadgets and impersonal objects that can quickly become obsolete. Leisure chose pearls, often a young woman’s first piece of fine jewelry. Further, pearls are symbolic for Talbot County and Maryland’s Eastern Shore, an area famous for the Eastern oyster.
Historically, the Pearls of Promise necklaces were distributed in time for graduates to wear their necklaces at commencement. However 2020 graduation was very different due to Covid-19 restrictions. To ensure that the Class of 2020 didn’t miss out on what had become a valued Talbot County tradition, the staff at Silver Linings ensured a Pearls of Promise necklace was delivered to every graduate in Talbot County. Leisure will coordinate with each school to make the same arrangements again for 2021 graduates.
Each Pearls of Promise Necklace is a classic strand of cultured freshwater pearls, hand-knotted by Leisure and her staff and finished with a sterling silver clasp, available in both a 16-inch and an 18-inch length. Every necklace is strung by hand to include safety knots. A strand includes about 60 pearls seven millimeters in size. In addition to matching size, careful attention is paid to ensure that the pearls have the same shade, color tone, shape, and surface quality. Each necklace is valued at $75.
“These young women will now own and wear a classic piece of jewelry that is considered worldwide to be timeless, elegant, and beautiful,” says Leisure. “It may be the predominant accessory she wears for professional interviews or on her wedding day; she may even pass the necklace on to a child in future years. Even if she never purchases or receives another piece of fine jewelry in her life, she will always have her Pearls of Promise.”

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