Grow Your Garden at the St. Michaels Community Garden

Have you caught the pandemic gardening bug? The St. Michaels Community Garden is kicking off its 9th season of providing community members with space to grow their own vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruits, and more for personal consumption or for donation, as chosen by the gardeners themselves.
The garden, launched in 2012 with support from a local Eagle Scout, St. Michaels Rotary Club and others, includes 40, 4-foot by 14-foot beds, which are available for rent on a yearly basis. Gardeners work together to maintain the lawn and common path areas while individual gardeners are responsible for maintaining their own beds and nearby paths. The community garden, located between Fremont and Conner Streets, provides water, hoses, and gardening tools, with participants including St. Michaels in Bloom and Critchlow Adkins Children’s Centers, among other groups and individuals.
The St. Michaels Community Center serves as fiscal agent for the community garden, with the $5 per year/per bed rental fee and other donations helping to maintain the property year-round. The land is leased through the Town of St. Michaels.
Beds are currently available for the coming season. For more information, call SMCC at 410-745-6073. Social distancing measures outlined by the State of Maryland and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic will be adhered to for the season. Participants are also encouraged to bring and use their own tools or sanitize shared tools before and after each use.
St. Michaels Community Center continues to serve as the Bay Hundred’s food distribution site in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as part of its mission to serve, empower, and connect the community.
Donations to SMCC and proceeds from the Treasure Cove Thrift Shop in St. Michaels, MD help the nonprofit provide year-round services for people from throughout the Bay Hundred area. More information is at