Oxford’s Model Boat Show Sails in 2021

The Oxford Community Center’s (OCC) Board of Trustees confirm that the Model Boat Show will happen with careful Covid-19 safety precautions in place. The event will be a hybrid exhibit and sales welcoming regional modelers to showcase mostly outdoors in a tented environment surrounded by additional fall festivities. The Model Boat Show (MBS) will be held on Saturday, November 13th from 10am – 4pm at the OCC. The models represent the historic and cultural background of the Chesapeake Bay, the eastern shore and waterman life. Ed Theiler, the producer of the show says the show “brings together in one delightful, comfortable, setting, modelers who combine careful research, skillful craftsmanship, and artistic expression, across the broad range of boat modeling.” The MBS continues its tradition coinciding with Easton’s Waterfowl Festival.
2021 marks the eighth year Model Boat Show at OCC, an event that always ranks as one of the most popular and well attended shows of the year. Theiler continues, “It enables often isolated modelers to engage with one another to share ideas, techniques, and skills. Most importantly it gives visitors and modelers the opportunity to engage with one another. The visitors learn about the background research, skills, challenges, rewards, of model building from exhibitors and exhibitors often learn much from comments and questions from visitors.” Roughly 40 nationally recognized boat modelers from the Delmarva Peninsula and beyond will share their enthusiasm, skills, techniques, and stories with each other and with the interested public.
The displays range from quirky artistic representations, to precision scale replicas, to electronically controlled sailing vessels. Many of the techniques used to build these model ships and boats are identical to those developed by master shipwrights over a century ago, while others are thoroughly modern, including photogrammetry, laser cutting, and 3D printing. There will be models and books for sale, an opportunity to win a few kits and other surprises in the raffle.
New this year for families is the introduction of the mini wooden boat races. Kids of all ages will enjoy decorating their little wooden boats and watch them sail across the man-made pond erected in the front lawns of OCC. Fun for the whole family. “Adding games and crafts for the kids really excited me as a way to draw curiosity to the event. It may be the day that inspires a young mind to learn more about the craftsmanship of boat building as well as learn about the culture that surrounds it.” Adds Liza Ledford, OCC’s Executive Director.
Lunch will be offered for sale by the Oxford Volunteer Fire Company as they grace the OCC grill. The OFC Auxiliary adds to the food offerings with soups and baked goods to satisfy all weather appetites. The outdoor oyster raw bar and refreshments add to the festivities. Kelly distributors are curating the beers and hard seltzers selections for the day. Awful Arthur’s is sponsoring the oyster raw bar so it’s sure to be fantastic.
Adding to the day is the LIVE music of Jayme D. Enjoy the live music from a local woman who can move you to your core with her passionate, strong voice. A perfect accompaniment to the art and culture of the eastern shore life working hard on the water of the Chesapeake Bay.
The Model Boat Show is funded in part by a grant from the Talbot County Arts Council with revenues provided by the Maryland State Arts Council.
Admission is free to all indoor and outdoor exhibits. The oysters are “A buck a shuck” and the refreshments are available for sale to benefit the OCC. All lunch revenue benefits the magnificent OVFC and Auxiliary who had to cancel their annual antique show due to the pandemic. That missing funding is a meaningful loss and the importance of those organizations is immeasurable. For more information, visit oxfordcc.org or call 410-226-5904. Oxford Community Center is a non-profit organization aimed at enriching lives with history, culture, education, entertainment and community.

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