Summer Pollinator Play Trail Debuts at Pickering June 17th

Pickering Creek Audubon Center will debut its Summer Pollinator Play Trail, sponsored by The Easton Group at Morgan Stanley, on Thursday June 17 to coincide with the end of the school year. This new trail begins near the Pickering Creek Welcome Center and loops through the nearby meadow and shallow water wetlands, including a stop at one of the Center’s viewing platforms overlooking 24 acres of marsh. The trail features fourteen stops that encourage kids and families to explore nature together through short fun activities. The trail is self-guided, and in both English and Spanish. At each stop, learn about nests by following interactive signs with prompts like, “Nocturnal pollinators like moths and bats prefer white flowers that reflect moonlight and are easier to see in the dark. Look for three different white flowers before the next sign!” Each location asks kids and families to engage a different sense as they explore nature around them.
“The Pollinator Play Trail is a great way to mark the end of the school year with a family adventure outdoors on the trails of Pickering Creek,” says trail designer Sammi Ocher. “With flowers blooming, colorful butterflies fluttering everywhere, and frogs and toads singing up a storm, it is a wonderful time to be outside.” The trail will be in place from Thursday June 17 through Monday July 5 and coincides with the long fourth of July weekend as well as the end of school. Keep an eye on the weather and remember both ticks and mosquitoes share the outdoors with us.
After enjoying the Summer Pollinator Play Trail, further explorations lie beyond! With over four miles of trails and several beautiful vistas over Pickering Creek and the Center’s expansive wetlands, Pickering Creek has miles of trails for exploration and enjoyment.
Pickering Creek’s trails are open daily from 7am to 8pm during this summer. There is no admission fee. Guests are asked to carry masks and wear them when passing each other on trails; restrooms facilities are limited at this time, so plan accordingly. For all our guidelines please check:

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