Talbot County Commission on Aging Hosts Legislative Forum/Town Hall Meeting

The Talbot County Commission on Aging is hosting a free Legislative Forum/Town Hall Meeting, “How to make Talbot County a Livable Community for Seniors,” on Wednesday, October 30, 2019, from 4 to 6pm at the Talbot County Senior Center—Brookletts Place at 400 Brookletts Avenue in Easton. The Forum/Town Hall will be moderated by Talbot County Council President Corey W. Pack. Senator Addie Eckardt and Delegates Johnny Mautz and Chris Adams will also be on hand to discuss issues and concerns about aging well in Talbot County.
According to Lee Newcomb, member of Talbot Commission on Aging, “The Commission on Aging is trying to find out what Talbot County residents feel are the real needs around aging in the County so that we can advocate for these needs.”
Participants are encouraged to visit the Talbot County Commission on Aging website, talbotsenior.com, to submit aging concerns that they feel affect seniors, as well as to submit topics on aging that Maryland legislators need to address in the 2019-2020 legislative session.
The Talbot Commission on Aging was established in 2003 to advise the Talbot County Council on issues affecting seniors and to advocate for change. The vision of the Commission is to enhance the quality of life for all seniors in Talbot County. Current members of the Commission are Lauren Harding, Jenna Marchi, Julie Crocker, Amie Denayer, Lee Newcomb, Marion Donahue, Lee Yerkes, Kate Stinton, Vivian Dodge, Cindy Bach, Johanna Norris, Jennifer Pierson, Irma Toce, and Wynne Aroom.
For further information, visit Talbot County Commission on Aging website, talbotsenior.com.