Talbot County Garden Club Announces Winter Speaker Series

The Talbot County Garden Club has a dynamic group of speakers lined up for its winter speakers series.  All programs will be held at the Easton branch of the Talbot County Free Library, and are free and open to the public.
January 28, 2020 at 1:30pm
Location:  Talbot County Free Library, 100 W. Dover Street, Easton
Speaker:  Peter Hatch on “Thomas Jefferson’s Revolutionary Garden”
Summary:  Thomas Jefferson wrote that “the greatest service which can be rendered any country is to add a useful plant to its culture” and Monticello’s 1000-foot-long vegetable garden became an experimental laboratory, a virtual Ellis Island of new and unusual vegetable novelties from around the globe.  Jefferson also was a pioneer in supporting farmers’ markets and fresh vegetable cookery and cuisine at Monticello.  Restored in 1984, the garden and Jefferson’s legacy continue to inspire the farm-to-table movement today.
About the speaker:  Peter Hatch is a professional gardener and historian with experience in the restoration, care and interpretation of historic landscapes.  As Director of Gardens and Grounds at Monticello for 35 years, Hatch lectures on Monticello and the history of garden plants as he travels throughout the country to consult on the installation and maintenance of both public gardens and private estate landscapes.  What’s in your garden?

February 25, 2020 at 1:30pm
Location:  Talbot County Free Library, 100 West Dover Street, Easton
Speaker:  Louis Raymond, “The Plant Geek” on “Potted – Gardening on the Edge”
Summary:  For garden iconoclast Louis Raymond, countless containers are not nearly enough.  Presented in time to spur your own adventures in container gardening this season, Raymond will talk about expanding the limits of gardening in pots, pools, troughs and even in drinking glasses and forgotten vases.
About the speaker:  Louis Raymond has been gardening since pre-school, but he also has received degrees in chemistry, piano and voice (he was an opera singer!) as well as having taken classes at medical school.  This Renaissance man has been published in national publications and was for six years the Show Designer for the New England Spring Flower & Garden Show.  Hold onto your hat and dream of planting your favorite patio pot!

March 25, 2020 at 1:30pm
Location:  Talbot County Free Library, 100 West Dover Street, Easton
Speaker:  George Coombs on “Great Native Plants for the Home Landscape”
Summary:  With our world facing so many environmental threats, landscaping with native plants is something that we as gardeners can do to help our local ecosystem.  The discussion will include the use of native plants and real world examples of how they can easily be incorporated into the home landscape.
About the speaker: George Coombs, Director of Horticulture at Delaware’s public garden, Mt. Cuba Center, will highlight Mt. Cuba’s “Trial Program,” which aims to provide the home gardener with information about the best performing native plants for use in the Mid-Atlantic region.  Coombs, a graduate of the University of Delaware, has introduced numerous native plants to the nursery industry also has worked in both wholesale and retail nurseries.  Go native!  Dig up those Barberry bushes and make room for natives.

About the Talbot County Garden Club
The Talbot County Garden Club was established in 1917 to enrich the natural beauty of the environment by sharing knowledge of gardening, fostering the art of flower arranging, maintaining civic projects, supporting projects that benefit Talbot County and encouraging the conservation of natural resources.  Noteworthy projects include maintaining the grounds of the Talbot Historical Society, Talbot Courthouse, Talbot Library, the fountain and childrens’ gardens at Idlewild Park and numerous other gardens and activities.  There are currently more than 100 active, associate and honorary members.