Talbot County Senior Center Reopening Plans

After being closed for the past fifteen months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Brookletts Place Talbot County Senior Center in Easton, is planning to reopen, Tuesday, June 1, 2021. Although the CDC and State have lifted many of the restrictions, we will be opening in phases to protect our members. The Phase 1 reopening will limit the number of activities and members that will be allowed in the building. Below is a brief overview of the reopening guidelines:
All attendees and staff must adhere to CDC recommendations regarding wearing a mask, frequent handwashing, social distancing and staying home if they are feeling ill.
Attendees will be required to always wear their mask except for when eating or drinking. This includes being masked during all programs, exercise classes and when using the gym.
You must enter and exit using the designated doors only.
Participation in all classes and activities will be limited. Attendees must pre-register for each activity.
No outside food will be allowed in the facility at any time.
You will not be allowed to drink from the water fountain. Coffee will be available in the morning but must be served to each participant. Bottled water will also be made available to participants.
The exercise room (gym) will be available by appointment only. Although we will sanitize between visits, participants will be required to wipe down the equipment after their use.
Only 15 individuals will be allowed for lunch. Members must sign up in advance, with participants using an alternating schedule. If there is a program scheduled during lunch, participants will be given ½ hour to eat their meal prior to the program beginning. Limited seating may be available (advance sign up only) for those who are not eating lunch.
Members who sign up for a class, activity or to use the gym must call if they are not able to attend or they will forfeit their right to participate in other activities.
Attendees must use hand sanitizer prior to entering through the designated door and must stop at the kiosk to have their temperature checked. Everyone will complete an Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability Assessment form on their first visit and will also be required to complete the Covid-19 Center Participant Health Screening on each visit.
Membership cards will be scanned by a staff member or volunteer. Members will be required to tell the person who is checking them in what activities/program or meeting they will be participating in.
Everyone will be asked to go directly to the area where the activity will be held. Hand sanitizer will be available in or around all rooms. Chairs and tables are not to be moved since they are placed for social distancing.
A complete list of the reopening guidelines is available on our website, www.brooklettsplace.org and our Facebook Page, Brookletts Place -Talbot Senior Center. Individuals may also contact the Center at 410-822-2869 to have the guidelines mailed to them or if they have additional questions or concerns.
We plan to fully open to the public Tuesday, July 6 pending any unforeseen circumstances. This also includes the reopening of the Bay Hundred Senior Center located within the Perkins Family YMCA in St. Michaels.

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