Volunteering for a Healthy Community By: Terry Callahan

The Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Volunteers have contributed more than two million hours of service to the hospital. Created in 1947 by fifteen civic-minded women, the Auxiliary’s current membership includes 140 dedicated men and women. This non-profit organization supports the hospital, nursing programs, and raises funds for the hospital and its needs.
A major source of Auxiliary funds used to support the hospital is provided by the Auxiliary’s Bazaar. Formerly known as The Commission Shop, the store was located on the same spot as the current building at 121 Federal Street in Easton. The old building was torn down and replaced with a new modern building in 2007.
The Bazaar provides an important service to the community by offering quality merchandise at an affordable price. Approximately one-half of all the items for sale are donated. Volunteers are constantly reviewing the merchandise to assure attractive merchandise is available and reasonably priced.
Auxiliary funds are used to support acquiring new technology, supplies, and equipment for the Hospital’s needs. The impact of these donations can be immediately evident.
In 2017 the hospital’s Radiology Department was able to acquire a state of the art, portable, digital x-ray system. This portable machine provides improved image quality, reduced processing time, reduced radiation exposure and facilitates more rapid diagnosis and treatment for patients. This purchase was supported by the Auxiliary’s donation of $100,000 to the UM Memorial Hospital Foundation’s Year End Appeal. Additionally, in 2020 the Auxiliary donated $25,000 toward a Faxitron machine for the Clark Comprehensive Breast Center.
In 2019, the Auxiliary contributed $100,000 towards the purchase of the GE E900, a cardiac ultrasound machine, along with two other pieces of equipment for the hospital’s Heart and Vascular Center. The GE E900 evaluates the condition of heart valves, causes of murmurs, chest pain and shortness of breath along with addressing body types and complex medical conditions.
The pandemic has affected the fundraising efforts of the Auxiliary. The Bazaar was forced to close in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 virus. They reopened on October 1, 2020 but with a reduced number of Volunteers that were willing to return are only open 3 days a week. An Auxiliary member said, “The reduced hours of operation will greatly affect our revenue and our ability to support the Hospital’s needs. We are hopeful the vaccine will improve our ability to return to our normal hours of operations.”
She added, “The Bazaar is successful due to a dedicated staff of Volunteers and to our loyal consignors and donors. Our clients’ patronage helps us pay it forward!”
The Bazaar is accepting donations and consignments are being scheduled by appointment. “As our situation changes daily, we suggest if you have questions, you give us a call.”
Monetary donations can also be made directly at The Bazaar or sent to The Auxiliary of Memorial Hospital at Easton, P.O. BOX 171, Easton, Md. 21601. The Bazaar can be reached at 410-822-2031 and thebazaar@goeaston.net.